7 Signs Your Fuel Pump Needs Repairing or Replacing

The fuel pump is a critical component to any vehicle and it's important to pay attention to the potential warning signs that yours may be in need of repair or replacing.

There are seven particular things that may happen to your vehicle which could indicate that the fuel pump isn't working efficiently and is in need of repair or needs to be replaced, which are:
• A Climbing Temperature Gauge
• Losing Power In Difficult Conditions
• A Falling Fuel Pressure Gauge
• High Speeds Cause Engine to Sputter
• Dramatic Gas Mileage Decrease
• Sudden Surges
• Engine Failing to Start

It's important to keep your car properly maintained and to do any necessary repairs to keep it running efficiently. Contact us here at The Honda Store today if you feel as though your fuel system is in need of service so we can schedule an appointment to check it out.



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