2020 Honda Passport: Your Pathway to Adventurous Driving

Drivers who want more adventure often ask our team at The Honda Store which vehicle can handle rugged terrain or bumpy rides. We can recommend the 2020 Honda Passport, a new mid-size SUV with the capability to handle your kind of driving.

If you're driving a 2020 Honda Passport, chances are you'll engage in some adventure driving. Good thing this SUV has torque-vectoring all-wheel drive. It's a system designed to give you better handling on dry roads and less slippage when you're in dirt or wet areas. Overall, the AWD system responds precisely to traction at each wheel. Speaking of wheels, the 2020 Honda Passport has all-season tires well-suited to your driving during road trips, outdoor activities and other travels. These tires are standard and great for year-round driving.

Why don't you test the 2020 Honda Passport's features for yourself? Come see us, and we'll put you behind the wheel for a test drive around Youngstown.



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